Death In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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Death. The end of life. The total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism ( Death is the absolute ending to a living thing. This concept at first is difficult to grasp. As a child, one doesn’t understand the finality of it. How does a more intellectually capable human explain to a young mind about this final event? Lies of a “long sleep” or “happy trip” are told to them to keep the idea simple. In reality though, the idea of death is a very complex notion that insinuates a juxtaposition of many other ideas. Therefore is death a good or bad thing? Or does it depend? Death is an idea worthy of further examination, necessary to unlock the true meaning and impact that it has on one’s life.
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In “In Cold Blood”, the two motiveless killers murder a whole family for nearly no reason. Capote describes the two killers by saying, "There 's got to be something wrong with somebody who 'd do a thing like that," Perry said. ‘Deal me out, baby,’ Dick said. ‘I 'm a normal.’ And Dick meant what he said. He thought himself as balanced, as sane as anyone—maybe a bit smarter than the average fellow, that 's all” (Capote 106). The well deserved consequence of their actions ended up resulting in death of themselves. In “Let the Great World Spin”, Lara is the person who killed the innocent Jazzlyn and had no legal consequence because she was never caught, however she had to live with the fact that she murdered an innocent life. Lara reveals, “You want to arrest the clocks, stop everything for half a second, give yourself a chance to do it over again, rewind the life, uncrash the car, run it backward…go about your day untouched, some old, lost sweet-tasting time” (McCann 128). Lara regrets her actions and wishes she can go back and change them, but nevertheless, death is final and cannot be reversed. Many people often times forget about the lasting internal and external consequences of death, such as the tightrope walker had “with no thought of death… (list of types of deaths…) How dare he do that with his own body? Throwing his life in everyone’s face? Making her own son’s cheap?” (McCann 112). Therefore, in a moment, one can forget about the enduring penalties of death, when in reality, death causes much pain and grief for anyone

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