Common Sense Reading Reflection

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During the Common Sense Reading, I was so inspired by these writers vivid imageries that I not only took notes of what they said, but what I saw in my own head. I was incorporating images that came into my mind as the poet's words were slipping around me. I wrote down phrases that seemed important to both me and the poet. I began to realize that there was a repetition, not only in individuals poems but a theme that was included in all three. Bones littered my page besides the words. Death, and more specifically, bones are mentioned or spoken about in all three of the poets, Sophie Klahr, Glenn North & Mark Tardis poems. It startled me because all three seemed so different, styles and messages all shaped to their own personality and yet they all spoke about the same thing in one way or another. Death is a common thing to think about.We are slowly carving away at the abstract of death, carving it into an object we can understand. I was wondering why we as a species are constantly thinking about it. Mark Tardi began with an obvious reference to death, "Everything ends" and in fact, it does. The universe was born, but it will eventually die. Babies are being born as I type and yet their lives will end one way or another. Death is such a prevalent part …show more content…
He talks about the outlines of bodies on the ground of which they died. We outline murder victims and suicides and then move their body. The outline, as much as our language, tries to define the thingness of the death, the countours, and shapes of it. Yet does this outline of the corpse ever come closer than our own language to define the thingness of death? He mentions being “drawn to the light”. Could there really be an afterlife? I more think it is just another thing we made up to calm our anxieties about “Everything Ending” We want a happy ending, or rather we want to think that our souls will never have an end, that we never have to be a

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