Concussions In Football Research Paper

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Football is a sport that requires you to be very dedicated and determined in order to have success. Many professional and college level players started out playing this game at a very young age. The issues with concussions is now starting to become a worry to parents and children all across the nation. Studies are now starting to prove that concussions can cause many long-term health related issues later on in life. The problem is now starting to make parents do some critical thinking to decide if it is a good idea to let their kids start playing this game at a young age. There are many reasons why parents should and should not let their kids play football when they are young. Despite there being many negative aspects of football, there are …show more content…
Recent research has been discovered on how deadly concussions can be. The data from this research is absolutely breathtaking. The new discovery of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), has really opened eyes up to many people. The disease is defined as “brain degeneration likely caused by repeated head traumas.” (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Regarding to discovering this disease, it has worried many people. Bennet Omalu, the founder of CTE, said “If a child who plays football is subjected to advanced radiological and neurocognitive studies during the season and several months after the season, there can be evidence of brain damage at the cellular level of brain functioning, even if there were no documented concussions or reported symptoms.”. (Don’t Let Your…). He is implying that if a child plays for many more seasons, he is going to face brain damage that is irreversible and could cause long-term problems. The scary thing about that is this is happening to many children across the nation. Going into scientific data, the results only show negative effects. Matt Eagan tells Patch “The data suggests some high school players are subjected to as many as 1,600 hits during a season and the hits can range from 20-100Gs.”. (Why You Shouldn’t…). Just imagine how that much force must feel hitting your head, definitely not the greatest feeling ever. More recent studies are proving that concussions are even causing death to famous football players that have been playing for years. There is no hesitation to why parents are deathly scared to let their

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