Individual Behaviors And Choices That Affect The Environment

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What kind of individual behaviors and choices are done that impact the environment?
Climate change is a moral and ethical issue of the 21st century and today more than ever before has become the moral obligation of the current generation to ensure that the world and its environment is not only safer but better place than it was inherited. Research indicates that human activity contributes significantly to causes of climate change which impact negatively on the environment. According to Gardiner 2004 who argues that “Climate change, in fact, is ‘fundamentally an ethical issue ', one that challenges our established morality and moral intuitions, hinders the response from political systems, and ultimately threatens our lives (Jamieson 2008, Miller 2008, Gardiner 2004). The moral and ethical essence of climate change does not only depend on the current human activity but importantly the long term effects it will have on the future generation. If human behavior and choices such as finding sources of fuel, pollution, and indiscriminate waste
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According to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) climate change impacts society and ecosystems in a broad variety of ways ranging from communities, water resources, agricultural lands among others. Having rules and regulations to protect the environment from hazards is good for everyone in the community. The utilitarian s will agree with this approach because they are concerned with maximizing the highest benefit for the optimal number of people possible. The concern raised however, is that some policies might have unintended negative economic effect on the masses. It is important to point out that in action will have devastating and lasting impact not only on current generations but the generations yet to

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