The Importance Of Choosing Between Two Parents

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Choosing between two parents is one of the hardest decisions that someone has to make. When my parents decided to get a devours, I had to make this deplorable choice. I love my parents both very much, but I felt that my father gave me more freedom and respect compared to my mother. He was also more lenient on the choices that I made in my day to day life and gave me my personal space. Now don 't get me wrong, I love my mother and I always will, but she had double standards when it came to my little brother and myself. She was overprotective to the point that she wouldn 't trust me to do anything while my little brother did and received almost anything that he wanted. When I weighed all of the factors and my feelings, I decided on staying with my mother the majority of the time. In my heart, I know I made the right decision in the end. The only reason that I decided not to take the easy way out and stay with my father is because of my little brother. He was too young at the time to choice what house hold he wanted to stay at so he was placed into the custody of my mother. My family was already splitting up and I did not want to lose him too. …show more content…
What he was trying to get at is that anyone who supported the English rule in-order to gain safety will never experience what true freedom is. Even though those who supported the crown were granted safety, they still lived in fear because the king could change his mind on a whim. This was the very thing the decoration was trying to fight against, the tyranny of a single ruling monarchy. The whole reason they left England was to break free of the fear of the crown and that is what they were facing now. Those who live their life in fear is not a life worth living was the consensus of the most of the people who wanted to go against the British

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