The Importance Of Child Development

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Children are also developing intellectual competencies, however it is still important to remember they need parental support. In this stage children have made great leaps in concrete, logical thought. However thinking abstractly and planning into the future is still limited: They can complete today’s homework assignments but need assistance with long term projects (Haight & Taylor, 2013). For instance, children develop a notion of how one goes about learning, and they discover that strategies such as studying and practicing can improve learning and performance. They become more able to retrieve information and use it to solve new problems or cope with new situations.
While children in this age group are exploring new relationships with their peers, they also tend to remain closely connected to their parents. The parental relationships continue to change and therefore change the strategies parents must employ to mentor children. Parents may rely on reasoning during this period to keep their children safe, which may be different from the stage before. This period also has the potential for children looking for support and validation from any source to be misled by potential abusers.
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With substance abuse children may, display poor school performance, exhibit increased social behavior issues, and engage in drug and alcohol use during late middle childhood or early adolescence. Child abuse remains a significant problem during development in middle childhood. The problem of poverty may affect the quality of schools and place additional stress in the family which may lead to child abuse by the caregiver. Long term prevention of child abuse must address the macro issues which cause

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