The Importance Of Calories

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Calories can be defined as the energy it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius. Calories are energy that fuels our body. Without a sufficient number of calories, many of our bodily functions would be nonexistent. When discussing calories with food, calories describe how much energy a body may receive from eating or drinking that item. Nutrition labels often have an amount of calories on them for the viewer. This is important because a typical body can only consume a certain amount of calories before over eating for the day (What is a Calorie?). A typical child needs thirteen hundred calories a day in order to provide their body with enough energy. With that being said, this may vary depending on the child and …show more content…
The main think I think teachers should do is implement physical activities within transitions. This can help students release some of the energy they may have while encouraging them to remain physically active. Along with that, I think it is important for teachers to use extra recess as a reward for students. Instead of providing children with candy, or other forms of treats for proper behavior, a teacher should provide them with extra recess. Recess is a time for children to run around and play as the please, this will encourage them to be physically active and see the benefits of being …show more content…
Both of these components can help children become more successful throughout school, and throughout the remainder of their lives. By incorporating the six nutrients, moderation, variety, and eating healthy a child can be on his or her way to being healthy. It is crucial for children to be healthy in order to reduce the various health risks, and to provide them with the confidence they need within themselves. There are many things being done now to help children live healthier lifestyles, and it is important for teachers to incorporate a healthy lifestyle within their classroom. In conclusion, children can benefit immensely by eating the six nutrients, and living a healthy

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