Feminism And Masculinity

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With this third wave of women’s rights movement (feminism) the alpha male ego feels like it is losing some sort of power in the patriarchal system that is America so as a collective Alpha males are increasing the amount of violence in things that they still do control and we try to berate concepts that they do not have control over. Because of the gender roles that are imprinted upon us about what it is to be an alpha male and the importance placed upon being an alpha male via movies, TV shows, video games and music we have reached a point where the alpha male idea of women being sexual objects and nothing more that is forced upon both beta male and females has reached a point that is inordinately baleful to those populations.
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Although, advertising and social media have portrayed the picture to young and old males that they need to be primal, violent, controlling, un emotional and that they need to disrespect women and to treat them as objects for sexual gratification we are in a prime position to change these ideologies. Furthermore, have we created this ungodly idea of what men should be we have allowed T.V. to portray women as manipulative, sex toys for judgement and objectification. One of the ways that we have tried to assert our dominance as males is by reducing women to nothing more than their sexuality, and when women try to adopt a more masculine they get ridiculed for abandoning their womanhood. Hilary Clinton is running for president and everything that I see, and on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace), is about her sexuality and they go to preposterous reaches to try and discredit her because of how she adopts a masculine appearance. “Part of what makes these women stand out so exceptionally is their ability to embody values culturally defined as masculine.” (pg. 8 of The Gender Knot chapter 1). Pictures with …show more content…
Dr. Jackson Katz in Tough Guise 2 shows a video about a group of young men who are casually talking about how there is a drunk girl that is being/getting raped in another room. Their demeanor about rape suggests that there is no real problem with a girl being raped. There was not a single young man to try and defend the young lady who was intoxicated. It seems that they consider her as a sexual conquest and nothing more. Because of this we have cultured a petri dish of rape, sexual harassment and belittlement that could prove to be catastrophic. According to Miss Representation “One in six women are survivors of rape or attempted rape” and “15% of rape survivors are under the age of 12”. In regards to aggravated, assaults, stalkers, domestic violence, rapes, and murder men are the perpetrators at least 77% of the time. Although there is copious amounts of evidence showing us that we are objectifying and abusing women there are still groups out there that refuse to acknowledge this. It appears to be that with how we are treating men we are headed down a dark path. Recently we have been putting on emphasis on what it is too be a man, while also berating men calling acts that are not masculine to be the “pussification” of America. News articles spend a lot of time talking about women, nearly one fifth of news articles concern women but not always in a

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