The Importance Of Being A Good Leader Essay

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Being a good leader is hard to explain, but the characteristics are easy to find in people everywhere. Nelson Mandela and Napoleon Bonaparte grew up very differently, but eventually got to the same place as leaders of different countries. When comparing two totally different people like Napoleon Bonaparte and Nelson Mandela, it’s easy to see that Nelson Mandela was the better leader. Nelson Mandela was born in Mvezo, Transkei on July 18, 1918. He attended primary school in the city Qunu where he was given his Christian name, Nelson. He then continued his education to Clarkebury boarding school and completed his junior certificate. He began his studies for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fort Hare, but was soon suspended for his participation in a student protest. On his way back to the Great Palace in Mqhekezweni, the King was furious with him and said he must return to Fort Hare. Mandela decided to not return, and instead run away to Johannesburg. While he was there he studied under attorneys where he found his passion. Before returning to Fort Hare for graduation, he completed his Bachelor’s degree at the University of South Africa. After wanting to return to school again to get his LLB, Mandela was arrested for engaging in a worker’s strike.(Bib N.M). He was then imprisoned again with 10 others for their disagreement with black’s treatment while being involved in the ANC, African National Congress. In 1980 a group of people lead a worldwide movement to free Nelson…

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