The Importance Of Being A Commoner In England

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In England I would not want to live there at first, but as time went on I would live there as the country became more modern. Being a commoner in England I would have been taken by the plague, most of my family would have probably died and I would be living in very harsh conditions. My family would have also been forced to fight in the 100 year war, losing most of our income and men. Not only did we have to live through this war, we also had to live through the civil war in england, The War of the Roses. Resulting in the Tudors rising to power and living in an absolutist country. However a light during this time was a increase in attempt to make england 's people more literate. When Henry VIII takes the throne, things just get worse. We are forced to embrace the new religion of the King. When Mary becomes Queen we are once again forced into a Catholic state, and the slaughter of the protestants begins. However, things start to look up when Queen Mary dies and we are left with Elizabeth, who makes England protestant again but allows people to practice …show more content…
Modernity alluded Russia for most of this time. The common people were forced to stay in our village, travel wasn 't an option. With the cold weather and harsh conditions surviving was very difficult. Most of us were serfs and didn 't have rights. When Peter the Great came to power, he decided to bring us to modernity by fighting the Great Northern War. Fought against Sweden, we won creating the Treaty of Nystad giving us most of Sweden’s land. The Table of Rant was created, to rank officials and nobility by their merit instead of birth. We became extremely westernized, asked to wear the garb of the western world. St. Petersburg then was built and became the new capital. However, for most of the common people this was still a horrible time. We were forced to build their cities and pay for them, most common people were still serfs and had limited

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