Autism What Can You Do Essay

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Autism, What Can You Do? Have you ever wondered what autism was, or how you could help it, or even know what could be major factors that 's apart of it was ? Autism is a neurological disorder that can give the child difficulties of communicating to others, and interacting with people ( "Autism" 1). It is a mental disorder that can make the child have different patterned and confusing behavioral issues. There are many ways to help children with autism for examples apps on technology can be helpful, mainstreaming can help with educational purposes, medical needs, and knowing that childhood autism is very serious. Something that could be helpful towards special needs students is apps. It can help towards their social communicating skills, educational help and for a lot of other different things.
There is a new app out called "Sosh" (app that is used to help with special needs kids and others) helps by having a lot of different activities that autism kids can learn new skills (Dean 1). Also, it teaches them to engage with others and help with their behavioral issues, not only does it educate them but teaches them socials skills as well (Long
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"After reviewing more than 200 studies in 2004 and more than 1,000 studies in 2011, the consensus report strongly stated that the evidence did not show a link between vaccines and autism." ("Evidence Shows Vaccines Unrelated to Autism"). Over all the people studying and researching and trying to find the cause of autism, they came up with that their is no evidence showing that vaccines were the cause of autism. No one knows what causes kids to have autism and why more and more children are developing it (Roan 1). The outcome of vaccinations on children can 't be accounted for because of the differences in the brain and on how it 's built between an autistic child and a non autistic child (Evidence Shows Vaccines Unrelated to Autism"

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