The Importance Of A Flat Tax

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Register to read the introduction… In other words, we are taxed for goods and services in the public sector that we may not take advantage of; if so, there is no reason that we should be liable for such expenses. Furthermore, we as citizens are all entitled to equal treatment under the law and by definition of our Constitution. In this respect, a flat tax would easily address our given concerns of equal treatment under the law. While the question of fairness to all concerned is large, many feel that the nod will eventually be given to the wealthy. In a true flat tax system, this is inevitable; however one that is equipped with contingencies could prove mutually beneficial for all …show more content…
In addition, the transparency gives this system a certain level of security where by tax evasion is virtually impossible. Due to the self policing nature of the system, the IRS would even be able to avoid hiring the 4000 new staff members that it requires for the servicing (or auditing) of U.S. taxpayers; not to mention the new computers and system updates that are required for the current system. This should prevent the expenditure of millions of dollars (info. obtained from the White House website under the federal budget). The implementation of a flat retail tax system would be beneficial to all concerned and will ease the growing separation between the wealthy and poor as the capacity of the average citizen to save resources should be greatly increased, which will in turn generate capital for investment into the economy. If a flat tax system were realized, it would prove to be a constructive benefit to the United States taxpayer. The burden would be fair, transparent, and easily adaptable. America should explore the consumption

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