Essay about The Impact Of Tourism On The Tourism Industry

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In aspects of the environment, the tourism industry often brought a notable affirmative environmental impacts. One of these advantages is the protection of the environment. Knox and Marston (2003) claim that the wildlife preservation and the encouragement of indigenous lifestyle would be stimulated by the tourism industry. For example, Costa Rica has established nature reserves and wildlife to conserve its environment, these constructions led to protect about 30 percent of its land (Knox and Marston, 2003). Moreover, tourism can aid in renovation of historical constructions, ancient sites, reefs and beaches such as the Great Wall of China, Warwick Castle in UK, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (Fletcher, 2008). It seems that the tourism encourages governments and individuals to protect the environment because of its direct positive impact on the people in general, such as, the increasing in number of tourists in that destination, which will lead to more benefits to the locals, as Knox and Marston (2003) mention.
On the other hand, tourism imposes several passive environmental impacts, which outweigh its positive effects, the most obvious influence is the pollution. Fletcher (2008) states that the noise and air level and the quality of water are affected directly by the tourism. He explains that the air was polluted due to the burning of oil to produce energy for hotels and transportation such as air traffic and rails, while the noise level considerably increased…

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