The Impact Of The Second Great Awakening Essay

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Throughout American history the most horrific action was argued against and sought as a positive activity. Before the Civil War, there were many debates on the topic of slavery. As Northern abolitionist attacked slavery and an unjust event, white Southerners had to defend the attacks made on slavery from the North. The North’s economy was set up through industrial work, employed by many immigrant workers who were paid less than the average worker. While the South’s economy was based through agriculture work, employed by African American slaves. Southerners placed a high value on agricultural labor. Slavery was primarily a labor system intended to produce wealth for landowners. The profits produced by slavery for the South and the nation as a whole formed a powerful obstacle to abolition. Abolitionists attacked slavery while using many resources. One impact of the Second Great Awakening, was the accomplishment of encouraging Protestants to use religion as an attack strategy against slavery. Religion Northerners viewed slavery as an immoral and unjust action that God didn’t accept. As Northerners used the Bible as a source to prove slavery is immoral, white Southerners also used the Bible to defend slavery. Every argument that abolitionist used against the act of slavery, Southerners created a new argument to defend their ¨justified" act. Throughout the Antebellum era (1800-1850), white Southerners modified their arguments on slavery justification, due to how Northern…

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