Essay on The Impact Of The New Deal On The Great Depression

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The Impact of The New Deal

In March 2012, it was reported that 4 out of the 15 major U.S Banks wouldn’t survive if there was another recession (Causes of the Great Depression). The Great Depression was the longest and worst economic downfalls that occurred in the United States during the span of ten years, between 1929-1939. When The Great Depression occurred, the United States government had a solution that impacted significantly. The New Deal helped the U.S overcome and solve the struggles of industry and businesses, agriculture and unemployment.

With the New Deal having a huge impact, the government was able to recover and help the industries and businesses during the depression. Roosevelt to insure that something like this wouldn 't occur again in the future. FDR and the government put in place The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Between 1929 to 1933, bank failures resulted in losses to depositors of about $1.3 billion (Federal Deposit). FDR and the government needed to do something before all the banks would collapse.The act alleviated the disruptions caused by bank failures and bank runs. It was important because it helped to maintain public confidence in the U.S banking system by giving depositors a way out if the bank fails, this would be a positive when moving forward in the future. Another act that they implemented was the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). This act was one of the most ambitious moves that President FDR did in The New…

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