The Impact Of Technology On Google 's Technology Essay

1166 Words Oct 7th, 2015 null Page
The Impact of Technology: Google As we know technology is used a lot this day in age and as we also know it can be used for good and or for bad. The good in technology is that it helps figure out a lot of unanswered questions in different areas, the bad in technology is that it can be a distraction. But what happens when one of those technologies used just happens to be Google one of the worlds go to search engines. Google has some good and some bad things about it, hopefully this issue can be addressed of those good and bad things and also some of the concerns that users all over the world may not know about or be aware of. I think Google is a good use of technology and an advantage, but to be mindful of how we use it. When discussing Google there is always good and bad about it, but just for a second let’s stop and think about the good of Google and why so many of us use it especially in this day and age. The First reason that Google is good to use is because you can search things easily no matter what those things may be. For example you can search the American Flag and get information pertaining that topic, or the word “History” or maybe a historical figure such as Martin Luther King Jr. The Second reason that Google is good to use is because it helps you narrow things down with the tools right there on the page when typing something in. Like if I typed in the words “childhood vaccines” there are different tools I can use to help get the…

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