The Impact Of Technology On Crime

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Crime is a serious concern in our world today and it is ever evolving. Today we have to worry about things like Cyber crime, which our ancestors would have never even thought about. Our technology is moving faster than we can keep up with and it is creating a technological lag. Also, many of our lawmakers like to do things the old fashion way and are not capable of combating this new era of crime. We don’t have to sit here and let it just happen though; we can use this new technology to our advantage. This paper is going to show just how effective technology is and its implications on crime in the future. ArcGIS is an integrated collection of computer software and date used to view and manage information about geographical locations, analyze spatial relationships, model spatial processes. This project used the GIS software to analyze criminal behavior throughout the state of Ohio and pinpoint counties that had higher rates of crime. I decided to focus on Ohio because it is my home state and thought it would be interesting to see the crime rates in …show more content…
The world is changing rapidly and how people are being victimized is changing with it. Instead of letting these horrible things happen we should go along with the change and use technology to our advantage. This project is aimed at locating areas of high rates of crime in Ohio counties. This data can help lawmakers distribute and locate funds that would efficiently decrease the crime and prevent further crime. The maps show Rates of Violent crime are higher in more populated counties. Adding to this rates of murder and Robbery are also higher in more populated counties. Rape on the other hand is not correlated to the population. This data doesn’t just have to be used by people in Ohio; other states or nations can use maps just like these to help minimize the crime within their borders. These maps are just the start of new technology that we should use to our

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