The Impact of Saudi Culture on Recruitment and Selection Practices in the Privet Sector in Saudi Arabia

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Brunel Business School – Doctoral Symposium 4th & 5th March 2010

Student First Name: Rajeh

Student Second Name: Albugamy

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The Impact of Saudi Culture on Recruitment and Selection Practices in the Privet Sector in Saudi Arabia

By Rajeh T. Albugamy

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Introduction Due to the increasing globalization of business and trading by multinational organizations there


has been an increasing interest in HRM policies and practices and their cultural relativism (Hsu and Leat, 2000). Many researchers have emphasized the effect of national culture, a concept that includes traditions, values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour which influence HRM practices (Leat and El-kot, 2007). Laurent (1986) proposed that HRM methods in any country are a reflection of the national culture of that country. Most of the studies discussing recruitment and selection procedures and linking that to equal opportunity approaches have been conducted within Europe or U.S settings. In addition, there are limited studies in that specific area in the Middle East (Hutchings and Weir, 2006). It is well known that the Western personnel context and also culture are totally different from that of the Arab countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. A reference to what was mentioned by Weir (2003) in this context would highlight the importance of such a research; he argued that HRM was born in U.S.A , developed in Europe and implemented in Japan ; However, he added a fourth paradigm: it is ignored, unresearched, undeveloped in the Arab Middle East countries. In this study we will examine the impact of the Saudi culture on recruitment and selection practices specifically and the result positively or

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