Essay The Impact Of Religion On Latin America

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Religion in Latin America has always been closely tied to Catholicism because of the influence of Europeans who came to colonize Latin America, bringing along their Catholic foundation. With the early formations of governments in Latin America, church and state were closely linked. The church had considerable influence over what happened in the political realm of the countries’ relations. The case was no different for Colombia. The Catholic church has played a significant role in the history of Colombia, assuming an esteemed status in the country and exercising control over different areas of the government and public affairs, but as time passed its number of adherents has taken a slight downturn. In the mid-1800s, Panama, which was originally part of Colombia, seceded from the nation and Colombia took on a new title, the Republic of Colombia. Immediately, the Catholic church came to intervene. Working with the King, Spaniards came to Colombia to bring religious progress to the country. Sadly, they ended up being more of a hindrance than a help. The real religious progress came through the Dominicans, Franciscans, Jesuits, and other missionary groups. They spread their religion among the Colombian cities and towns and helped establish the church in Colombia. Though they were looked down on by colonists and government officials, these individuals pushed through, eventually creating the Society of Jesus. This society was known for establishing the city of Cartagena…

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