The Impact Of Philosophers On Western History Essay

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The Impact of Philosophers Western history has widely influenced and altered much of how society and government work to this day. The reason why different nations have widely different government systems and societal views dates back to the very beginning of time. One of the first influential time periods was the Renaissance, which birthed the Enlightenment, and so forth. Each time period held new philosophers that created new theories and ideologies that would change the way all people thought and understood how the world was supposed to work. Three of the most influential philosophers of all time were Niccolo Machiavelli of the Renaissance, John Locke of the Enlightenment, and Karl Marx of the 19th Century. These philosophers not only impacted the century they lived in, but all centuries forever after. Niccolo Machiavelli lived in Italy during a state of confusion; many outside countries were creating internal turbulence in Italy. Machiavelli believed uniting Italy would end the fighting and bring Italy together as a nation. He was a humanist who studied ancient Rome, discovering his belief in the Romans and their natural abilities to fend off their enemies, doing whatever they had to do to protect their country; this is what he called “virtu” (The Western Heritage 298). Through his studies, he created his guide on how he believed rulers should maintain control over his people (Mastin). The Prince, published in 1532, was Machiavelli 's treatise on political realism and…

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