The Impact Of Media On Children 's Development And Education Essay

2273 Words Jul 19th, 2016 10 Pages
This paper looks at the influence media has on a child’s development and education, with its focus of media-tech, educational children’s television, and the possession of technology such as phones, tablets, and computers during the early age. It isn’t until the past few decades that media and technology has immersed itself into society and the easy accessibility of technology has made its way into families and children. Media has become the main outlet for socialization in children and kids rather than interacting with peers and adult outside of school. Because of that, the media has impacted children education and parental care. For the children, they are able to enter their world of imagination and possibility . Additionally, all media now is in one way or another branded and filled with hidden subliminal messages for advertising. Children’s lives are submerged in media worldwide. New technology, small phones and portable tablets are in the daily lives of consumers and workers, more and more children and teenagers are spending their time on the internet playing games and chatting with online friends . The way that children interact and learn from each other and their environment has changed drastically because of today’s technology. Everything about their world is taught through devices. Children spends endless hours on television and social media. This creates a huge impact on their development and social interactions with the family and peers. The constant rise of…

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