The Impact Of Globalization

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Globalization is an unpredictable and multifaceted phenomenon. This is a situation where movements of goods and services around the world can move freely and openly in a trade. Furthermore, with the opening of one state against another, makes not only goods and services entering a country but also technology, consumption, education, and cultural values (Baylis, Smith, & Owens, 2013, p.15). Basically, globalization refers to the process of international integration resulting from the interchange of products, ideas, and culture. Development in telecommunications infrastructure such as Internet and transportation such as jet container ship have accelerated the pace of globalization, as it enables information flow across borders and allows vast …show more content…
Many countries have composed themselves into intergovernmental organizations such as the European Union (EU), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). As it can contributes to world peace and allow small countries to work together and gain more influence internationally (Baylis, Smith, & Owens, 2013, p.15). However, the collapse of the Soviet Union has prompted to the United States control of the worldwide framework and international relations. This gives the US numerous chances to defend its own national interest globally and to challenge the international legitimacy through minimizing the part of United Nations and disregarding the global law. Power and interest turn into the primary attribute of interstate interactions. In other words, political globalization can creates bad impacts as it can reduce the state sovereignty because big countries often shape the decisions making (Beaverstock, …show more content…
As a socio-cultural phenomenon; it means the transmission of ideas, meaning and values around the world. Globalization has generated considerably values and cultural which changes with emulate or apply it selectively. A visible aspect of cultural globalization is the diffusion of American pop culture such as American fast food chain and American movies (Lim, 2013). People nowadays for example; tend to get what they want instantly including their meals. Indonesian people tend to go to McDonalds to have their breakfast that are provided quickly and cheaply. American reality television series such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” also influences them. People especially teenagers try to act like what they see in the televisions, which they think is cool and better than their culture. These people can slowly forget their own cultures, as they will slowly follow American culture. Also, they will be more likely to wear branded products to follow their idol in the television, such as wearing Nike footwear and Adidas jacket instead of their local products.

In conclusion, technological advances in communications and the availability of information have boosted economic, cultural and political globalizations. Debates is still continue as to the negative and positive effects of globalization in these various contexts. Globalization touches all the key aspects of life and creates challenges and problem

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