Essay The Impact Of Fast Fashion On The Fashion Industry

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It is very likely that one of your favorite brands comes from a fast-fashion giant. Fast fashion is all around us, from the clothes we buy to the shoes we wear. However, there are issues on the fast fashion phenomenon that need to be addressed. But has anyone ever given thought to the people who make a ten dollar t-shirt possible? According to Shima Akhter a factory worker in Bangladesh “believes [that fast fashion] textiles are produced from blood like [workers like her]”(qtd. in Moore). Companies like “Gap, Wal-mart, Sears, J.C penny, and Disney” do business in Bangladesh (Ethical Fashion pg 2). Many of these companies see workers like Akhter as replaceable pawns helping them become wealthier. It is no surprise that these companies are the same ones that are well known within the United States. The same ones that manipulate the consumer’s—and possibly a generation 's—shopping habit. These workers work in hazardous conditions on a day-to-day basis. In fact, Blanchette states that “[In 2013] more than 1,100 factory workers died from a factory collapse in Bangladesh” (Socially conscious Shoppers Shredding Fast Fashion pg 1). Cline mentions that the same factory that collapsed “had four to five factories within it” (Ethical Fashion pg 3). These “pawns” have served their purpose and have brought profit and wealth to these companies. These “pawns” are human beings. Like any other person in society, they have friends, family, and children. They have fears too. Like any other…

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