The Impact Of European Settlement On Indigenous People Essay

1177 Words Mar 20th, 2016 null Page
To effectively teach all students of every culture, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, it is important to understand their congruent behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and policies as a whole. There are different strategies and approaches you can take to make the students for more feel more comfortable and be bale to learn and respect the beauty of their culture.
Throughout my all my years of Primary school and Secondary school I have learnt all about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, I have been taught about their policies and important historical events that have impacted Aboriginal peoples lives so heavily. Starting from the early grades in Primary school I have learnt about the impact of European settlement on Indigenous people, that happened in 1770. This topic has always been so interesting, learning about their dispossession of the land, exposer to new diseases, how hard they fought for their land and the number of deaths that were caused, was very devastating to hear, this intrigued me to learn more about their beliefs, cultures and values.
Aboriginal peoples value and respect their land incredibly, therefore once the white settlers arrived it had changed all their lives and their future generations. I was brought up to respect their culture as I was educated on their beliefs and values through watching documentaries in class, such as ‘The Rabbit Proof Fence’. Although, this documentary does not get into too much detail and does not…

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