The Impact Of Alzheimer's Disease

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The "reducing the impact of Alzheimer's disease (or AD) among African Americans (in New York City)" internship with the Alzheimer's Association addressed the need to raise awareness, and recruit African Americans for Alzheimer's disease research. In order to achieve this goal, the intern attended various events held at community fairs, farmer's market's, churches, YMCA's, and at nursing homes. At these events, he spoke to people, and gave out literature which detailed the stages of Alzheimer's disease, including its adverse impact, and how individuals who have loved ones and significant others could use the services offered by the Alzheimer's Association (particularly via its website,
As a result, more than 300,000

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    Alzheimer’s disease is “a debilitating neurological illness characterised by significant impairment of cognition, especially in new learning and executive functions” (Simm, Jamieson, Ong, Garner & Kinsella, 2015, pg. 501). Its impact is not only felt by the individual, but also by family and friends who care for the diagnosed. It causes a change in the way many older adults age, adding more complications and a level of fear for their future, which has ultimately changed the way society views and…

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    is a gene mutation in the Presenilin-2 gene, Alzheimer’s can occur. PSEN2 helps to process proteins. These proteins transmit chemical signals from the membrane to the nucleus. Genes are then activated. These genes help with cell growth and the maturing of cells. At least 11 mutations to the PSEN2 gene have lead to and early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Presenilin is responsible for about 5% of Alzheimer’s diseases. PSEN2 is a rare cause for Alzheimer’s. There have been 18 mutations of PSEN2 reported…

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