Essay about The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is the story of a lower class, poor tobacco farmer, Henrietta Lacks who unknowingly has helped millions of people, after her death. Henrietta Lacks had discovered that a small “knot” in her stomach area, was actually cervical cancer, but the novel does not focus on her cancer, rather it focuses on her life, death, the issues her family faced with the medical field, and how her cells have saved the lives of millions of people. This novel is split into three individual sections, Life, Death, and Immortality, which all cover different aspects of Henrietta’s story. The first and second parts of this novel, Life and Death, are pretty similar to the novels and stories that we have read in class, especially Beloved. “Life” focus on the life of Henrietta starting with the day that she had discovered her “knot” or tumor, all the way up to her death on October 5, 1951. This first part of the novel reminds me fondly of the works by Toni Morrison that we read because it dives into the detail and the struggle Henrietta and her family faced, just by being poor African-American farmers and it dives into Henrietta’s personal struggle coping with her illness and dealing with the many treatments for her tumor. This first part is unique because it doesn 't only focus on Henrietta, but it sheds a bit of life on the doctor who cultured her cells, George Gey and his works. Part two and three of the novel, “Death” and “Immortality” is when the novel starts to…

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