The Immortal Life Henrietta Lacks Essay

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The Immortal Life Henrietta Lacks
The Immortal Life Henrietta Lacks by Rebeca Skloot. Henrietta lived in a poor black town she farmed where once her slave family farmed. But Henrietta got sick. Henrietta got cancer. At this time doctors were trying to grow cells to help cure disease. So, when Henrietta got cancer they took her cells with out asking her. But with the doctors taking her cells there where many medical advantages. I think that in healthcare there are some things that you have to be morally responsible for if you work in healthcare even though it may help other people the person may not want to do that or families.
This novel has helped me understand more about what happens in the medical field. Like how Dr. Guy just wanted to
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I was actually just talking to my science teacher about this book we talked about how this book was a very good book and that we think that more students should read it. But one thing that came up was that we both agreed that the book good but was a little long we decided that parts that were not directly related to medical should have been removed but this would have taken out the part of the book that told us about Henrietta and her family but could have been slimmed down. Keeping the important details and getting rid of the “fluff”. But overall, I would strongly recommend this book to anyone it was very interesting and I learned so much from this book and it helped me understand more about why there are so many rules that go with the medical field. I would also recommend this book to anyone that likes learning about science or what life and the medical field was like in the 1950’s. I know and I truly would like everyone to think about what is written in the text. It's something that should be talked about constantly. Ethics is a huge debate in the scientific community and everyone should be aware of this debate. If you get a chance, please read this book.
I really actually like this book. The Immortal Life Henrietta Lacks is a book that if I would not have had to read it for not taking this class. But I truly like this book. And when I say this it was a good book because I am not a

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