The Ideas Of Political And Economic Systems Essay

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The ideas of certain political and economic systems can be very different. Some societies are very left wing, which is very government heavy and and focus on building a community that has very strong ethics and creating equality for all of the people, whatever religion or gender, and right wing society, which focuses on being self-reliant and supporting free trade. The differing systems of Socialism, Communism and Capitalism, two very left wing systems and Capitalism being a right wing society are very different and all produce different results. However, the role each system has played in the history of the world has shaped the way that countries run today. Socialism, a political system aimed the goal of common ownership for all. A system that is very similar to Communism, but less extreme. On paper, Socialism is a system where all of the resources, property, and capital is owned equally by everyone under the government. Socialism is the process of allowing the masses to cooperate and engage in the decisions about how the country 's resources will be used. No one person regulated and had restraint over anything but owned personal possessions, as not everything is made to be shared, things like clothing and grooming accessories (“What”). Early socialism came into action from observing the prosperity of capitalism, and it was thought that giving the control of the workers and all production to the state and not the capitalists would be beneficial for output and economic…

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