The Ideas Of Feminism, By Bell Hooks Essay

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The ideas of “feminism” and “being a feminist” have morphed and changed throughout the years. In Talking Back, published in 1989, bell hooks discusses her experience as a black feminist woman. While ideally there should be no negative connotation to this identity, I have been noticing recently that “feminist” has become almost a dirty word among certain people. The other day, I overheard a conversation at lunch about how a large presence of feminists and their opinions had “ruined” a classroom discussion. Although there are some misguided individuals who use this identity, they are behaving in a way that disrespects the title. The aim of the feminist movement is not to put any specific group on a pedestal, or to promote the idea that women are the ultimate, helpless victims of all oppression. The goal of true feminism is for women to exhibit strength and solidarity with each other, and to work towards eliminating any inequalities among groups facing oppression. The need for equality extends past gender, race, class, sexuality, and heritage. Feminist efforts to end sexist domination will only be successful if performed in conjunction with attempts to combat other forms of systematic domination as well. One cannot argue that his or her specific identity deserves more than another, or that equality can be achieved through attempts to dismiss the struggles of another as unimportant.
When advocating for equality, it is important to maintain that education and privilege in…

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