The Idea Of Witchcraft By Joseph Mccarthy Essay

1878 Words Sep 16th, 2016 8 Pages
In the town of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, fear and hysteria overpowered all reason and logic and led to the massacre of nineteen people. Already filled with fear and instinctual need to survive in an unknown world, and with fear of Native Americans and the Devil circling in their heads; this town was destroyed by the introduction of the idea of witchcraft. Accusation after accusation, false confession after false confession, the town authorities who delivered the scourge of God in the fight between Lucifer and the Lord as they made their way through the town members. The citizens who were determined to get revenge started accusing town outsiders, and soon moved on to upright and respected members of the town; and the town authorities, unable to admit they had been fooled, went along with it. These very ideas also appeared in the United States in the 1950’s; Senator Joseph McCarthy used fear of Communism to gain power and destroy the lives of many American citizens. The ideas circulating Salem including fear of internal conflict and originality, warped ideas of justice and righteousness, undermining of laws, and readiness to surrender rights not only explains how the hysteria spread in Salem, but American democracy during the period of McCarthyism. Fear was one of the most predominant factors in everyday life in 1692. Even before the outbreak supposed ‘witchcraft,’ people of Salem had much to fear. They were an isolated community surrounded by what citizens saw as…

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