The Idea Of A Doll House Essay

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At its foundation, a doll house is a mere set in a world created for fantasy. A tool for the creative mind to act out their imaginations. A tool used by children to pass the simple boredom of everyday life. A tool for adults to remain in the nostalgia of happiness before it is all torn apart. A tool that both helps ease the suffering of a hardened facade, and a puts a knife in the users back while cutting the strings between realism, and the unrealistic fantasy that we idolize. The pleasing nature of a doll house is subtle in its treachery, for its unsettling implications of pain. Parents take a world crafted for a new generation and re-title it as a toy, only for it to get broken over the years and their children sit, amused, thoughtful playing in a broken and undervalued existence. A doll house has more than a physical presence, it is the social constructs we build around us. It is made up of gender roles, political agendas, the dreams that were never accomplished. It is the prison of the heart, trapping the spirit of the occupant and keeping it like an oyster keeps a pearl. A doll house can for be a trap for both a victim and a perpetrator. In A Doll 's House by Henrick Ibsen, It does just that. Torvald and Nora filling both of theses roles, we can truly see the dynamic that splits the line between victim and violator. In the Mabou Mines production titled Doll House, there is a distinct feeling of entrapment. Nora 's life is stuck in the facade of happiness. Doll…

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