Essay on The Hutus And The Tutsis

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The Hutus and the Tutsis are two groups that derive from Rwanda. The Hutus, make up a bulk of the population whereas the Tutsis were a significantly smaller group that had control of the nation (Payne 195). It is often said that there is an “ancient tribal hatred” between these two groups. However, this claim is untrue and therefore inaccurate to speak about. Contrary to popular belief, the two congregations actually share the same land, religion as well as language. “Rather than being ethnically separate, the two tribes were more akin to economic groups, with the cattle-owning Tutsi generally wealthier than their pastoralist Hutu cousins” (White 40).
Belgian colonialism did play a part in the journey towards the Rwandan Holocaust. One hundred years prior to the genocide, the Germans and Belgians were the first European colonists to arrive in Rwanda. The Germans took control of the land in 1899 and the Belgians “issued mandatory identity cards to all Rwandans, placing each person into a fixed ethnic category. Eventually the Tutsis, who received preferential treatment by the Belgians, believed that they were indeed superior to the Hutus” (Payne 195). Therefore, the Hutus, facing ethnic intolerance, decided to plan their rebellion which would eventually lead to a mass genocide. With that being said, the Belgians were the cause of the discrimination that fueled a war between the two groups.
There are a few demographic, environmental, and economic factors that may have…

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