Essay on The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

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Much countries that have an unstable government mirror the same types of social structures. The regimes of North Korea, Sudan, and Somalia has great disparity between the social classes. The poor in these countries have very little compared to the rich, and the reason behind much of this is the inadequate or over-enforcement of the laws. Suzanne Collins got inspired by these events and wrote a book based off of these events. The Hunger Games suggests that the hierarchical manner in which social classes are organized is determined by the governmental decisions.
Roman Influence
Just as in Rome, Panem was organized into districts when the capitol ‘conquered’ them, and they used power to subjugate the poor ("The Hunger Games: Themes and Construction"). ‘Panem et circenses’ means ‘bread and circuses’ in Latin, and this phrase was made by poet Juvenal to make the despotism of Rome less prevalent, and everything should and must be done in order for the happiness and merriment for the people of Rome, just as the Hunger Games is conducted for the happiness and merriment of the people of Panem. It keeps people from rebelling so they can retain power. Also, the arena that people that participate in the Hunger Games is very violent and deadly, and just as in the Roman Colosseum ,which sat 50,000 people, it was used for the entertainment of the Roman people. There were gladiator contests that were held at the colosseum very often that drew viewers from all over the Roman empire, and…

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