The Human Rights Violation Case Essay

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and some Bangladeshis are regarded as the largest groups of migrant labourers in Qatar. The abuses and exploitations that they are facing is actually equivalent to the modern-day slavery. Workers are dying each day in Qatar due to poor working conditions. Furthermore, the workers are not able to escape mainly because of the work permit absence. Most of the construction companies denied the fact that they have not paid the migrant workers for several days. In several cases, workers were compelled to beg for meals. Even they were beaten for demanding excessively. Government system was also so poor that instead of assisting the workers who became victim of poor labour laws, they arrested these workers while trying to escape without appropriate documents.
Stakeholders and their conflicts with the other stakeholders
The influential stakeholders involved in this human rights violation case are international and national governmental organisations such as FIFA, sport governing bodies, contractors hiring employees from foreign countries and agencies monitoring the issue such as Human Rights Watch, etc. Stakeholders who became victim of human rights abuse are employees of foreign countries (Institute of Human Rights and Business, 2013). Above mentioned stakeholders have organisational, political and financial resources. Involvement of so many powerful stakeholders makes the issue even more vulnerable to become subject of international criticism for abusing human rights.

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