The Human Of Longview Project Essay

734 Words Nov 15th, 2016 3 Pages
The Humans of Longview project was one of the project that I was really apprehensive about as I dislike talking to strangers, and it makes me uncomfortable. When the assignment was announced, I was afraid that I would not be able to approach strangers as I have been told that my countenance scared people. As a result, I spent almost two month thinking about the project and how I would approach my first stranger. I thought about the various questions I could ask people. I even thought about the questions that would be appropriate to the age group. I believe that my greatest challenge was to overcome my fears, and step out of my comfort zone, even though it was just talking to people in Longview. This fear, however, diminished after I managed to interview the first person. I began to enjoy this assignment and I developed a method to approach strangers in a non- or less threatening way. Throughout the assignment, I had made some observations. Since I had prepared for at least two months before the first picture and interview was due, I was able to approach the stranger with confidence. I, however, did not plan a specific location to go to, but I knew that I would be doing my project around the vicinity of LeTourneau University. I had planned to introduce by asking for their permission to ask them a simple question. I, then, explained that I was doing a class project and explained what the Humans of Longview was. After all these explanation, I added by saying that I would…

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