Essay on The Human Of Human Visual System

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It has been argued that among all of the animals, human vision is the most complex. The human visual system gives our bodies the ability to see the world. The eye is the main sensory organ of the visual system. The eye is responsible for taking in physical stimuli such as light rays then transfers them into chemical and electrical signals that are then interpreted by the brain to construct psychical images. This communication between the eye and the brain helps us to understand external stimuli that are formed into images.
The eye, consist of three main layers; the retina, the choroid, and the sclera. The retina helps us to separate images and it is made up of cones and rods. Cones are responsible for perceiving colors while the rods perceive shadows in images. The choroid includes the iris, the pupil and lens; it is responsible for providing oxygen and nourishment to the eyes. The sclera protects, supports, and maintains the shape of the eye and also includes the cornea( Boundless 2016).
The Process of Sight What humans see is base on the perception of electromagnetic rays. These electromagnetic rays go through the cornea in the form of light, which is focused by the cornea and enters the eye through the pupil. The pupil then acts as a doorkeeper, which controls the amount of light that enters, so that humans can see images properly. The colored area around the pupil is called the iris; the iris is responsible for giving eye color and also acts as the pupil’s stop or…

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