The Human Genome Project ( 2003 ) Essay

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Although they do not get directly involve in forcing someone to make a decision, they do get involve indirectly by managing the policy in regards to what procedures should and should not be allowed in genetic engineering. These debates whether it is ethical to improve humans by modifying genes started with the Human Genome Project (2003) that revolutionize the approach scientist had to Eugenics. According to Paul Crook, “it also unleashed criticism, ranging from moderate philosophy to doomsday prophecy. Some scenarios were of the stuff of science fiction: human clones, androids, cyborgs, super-intelligent-strong-creative humans, post-humans, a world divided into a genetically enhanced elite and genetically deprived proles.” However, this is not surprising since it could be one of the biggest breakthrough of science that can change the course of human life tremendously. In like manner, with the Eugenics movement of the 20th century, the modern Eugenists face a lot of criticism by fundamental factions that question scientist for messing with God’s work and a lot of critics also argue that is unethical to interfere with nature. However, as stated by Crook, “humans have been obviously interfering with nature forever. It is contendable that what gives a special character to the human family (including some hominids) is its capacity to adapt to, alter and control its natural habitat by means of brainpower, language, tools, etc.” Hence, if this biotechnology is not taking…

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