The House Of Spirits Character Analysis

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He was Powerful and Above All, or So He Thought.

The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende, introduce us with characters too fantastic, or too realistic and bring us to the world of magical realism. Throughout the story a reader encounters many of these characters and is wrapped in the story which enables them to see the development of major round characters, such as Esteban Trueba. He is a character that with a few chapters into the book is seen as the evil protagonist. Esteban develops throughout the novel, starting from the young adult when he had burning passion for wealthiness and power, Esteban develops feelings on social classes and lacks communication with his family, so that in the end he realizes that power does not bring him
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Trueba is characterized at the beginning of the book a young man hopelessly in love with a beautiful woman and not only that, but also from a rich family. He, on the other hand , is a man who lives in poverty and the only worth he has is a respectful last name. He decides to take off and work into the mines, even when he is more likely to die than to find a gold or any other type of resources that would make him rich. “I vowed to extract the last gram of precious metal even if it meant I had to crush the hills with my own hands and grind the rocks with my feet. For Rosa's sake, I was prepared to do that and much more”(24). Trueba in the first chapter is seen as just a young man that tries to be worthy of his fiance like many other fairy tales where at the end, he gets to have a happy ending. Not only that Trueba show us a part of his character, willing to risk his life, in order for his future wife to have the best life and the ambition to get out of poverty. Later in the chapter tragedy strikes Trueba, Rosa dies. Trueba experiences different emotions, but above all anger of not being able to marry a beautiful girl and put his hands on her body, which shows his strong desire for women that throughout the novel it can be seen when he rapes many young girls. “But beyond …show more content…
After heading to Tres Marias, Esteban quickly, takes over the land and sends people to work. Many of the people don’t complain and are actually relieved to have a patrón to restore the land. “I think my presence made them feel secure again. They saw the land gradually restore to prosperity. They were good, simple men, with no rebels among them. It is also true that they were very poor and ignorant. Before I got there, they were just tilling their own family plots,which provided them with the bare necessities from keeping them from starving”(53). Esteban sees the people in Tres Marias to be below him just because as he said that they were very poor and ignorant. He also believes that he was the creator of the island just because it, as he say, brought it out of ruins, but the workers were the one to help him otherwise he wouldn’t be able to restore the land as how it was once. Moreover, in chapter four Clara says the following when she was talking about the poor to Alba “‘But is doesn’t help the poor. They don’t need charity; they need justice.’ This was a point on which she had her worst arguments with Esteban, who was of a different opinion on the subject. ‘Justice! Is it just for everyone to have the same amount? The lazy the same as those who work? The foolish the same as the intelligent?’”(137). The quote is very interesting, because in a way he is talking about the

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