The Horrors Of The Holocaust Essay

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Inherited identities become a reality for many victims of transgenerational trauma victims. In the case of many second generation Holocaust survivors, their parents describe in detail the horrors of the Holocaust, and their family’s losses to the children. These memories of the past are transferred to the next generation unintentionally, and they become engrained within the next generation’s identity. Cited in “Representations of the Holocaust” by Karein Goertz, Nach Der Shoa Geboren who was the daughter of a Holocaust survivor described the impact on her identity her parents trauma says, “The frozen terror on my father’s face every time he entered the room prevented me from growing into a present that was clearly separated from the past.” Growing up with constant references to the Holocaust and being raised by trauma victims causes the next generation to assume the identity of their parents. By assuming this identity, they are prevented from forming their own identity, and are held hostage to their parents past. This past they never experienced firsthand, yet it impacts them so much that they identify as victims themselves. The past and present are one to many children of victims of trauma because of the environment they were raised in. Growing up with people living in the past will cause the children to feel as though they are living in the past as well therefore creating false memories within the children. The false memories continue to haunt second generation survivors…

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