The Holocaust Was A Significant Event Of History Essay

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The Holocaust was a significant event in history that has been analyzed in different ways. Much of what the Holocaust has taught is that all Germans right away supported the anti-Semitic thoughts of Nazis which, is not the case. Discrimination, persecution and eventually the murder of Jewish-Europeans between the years 1933 and 1945 as seen through accounts of historians, is argued that ordinary citizens participated in the territories where Jewish-Europeans resided. These ordinary Germans, participated in the persecution and murder of the Jewish Europeans as a result of the thoughts and ideals of the Germanic rule that was set forth onto German Jews and German Europeans. Much of the stigma that comes with studying the Holocaust is that the participants of the persecution and murder of Jewish Europeans were all powerful people. Historians have analyzed and have come to conclusions that because of the rise of nationalism, anti-Semitic rulings and the eventual rise of Nazism, did ordinary Germans become participants of the Holocaust along with elite powerful rulers. This is seen to be a developing thought; most accounts of history mention that not every citizen in German ruling areas liked enacted laws against the Jewish population. These ordinary Germans are people that fit the description of German regime opinion of who a citizen of its [German] territory reside. This ideal description of the German citizen is found in the German Workers Party Twenty-Five Points, a…

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