The Holocaust And The Iranian Revolution Essay

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Humans as a whole live together on one planet. A large area of land that is meant to unify the entire species backfired and resulted in a large area of land that is divided into many different groups, segregated and not treated equally. Everyone dreams of living in a world full of peace and unity, when really, they are avoiding the dark reality of hatred and discord. A hatred so powerful, it can result in humans taking over other humans. They shame and debase them, taking their own initiative and marking them as subhumans. An imaginary subspecies that only exists in those that feel that they should be more important than others. This feeling of supremacy results in major events such as genocides and revolutions. While it is nearly impossible to fully understand the feelings of dehumanization by reenacting such events like the Holocaust and the Iranian Revolution, Inga Clendinnen Reading the Holocaust and Mehrangiz Kar’s article, Women, the Victims of the Iranian Revolution, allows us to feel the experience of going down the road of dehumanization because these are actual memoirs of those who have experienced it themselves. Furthermore, Art Spiegelman 's Maus and Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis also bring is to the world of the dehumanizing events of the Holocaust and the Iranian Revolution. Similarly, like Reading the Holocaust and Reading Lolita in Tehran, these two stories explain the issues that have occurred in these major events, in a more unique way. Maus and Persepolis…

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