The History Of American Policing Essay

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The history of American policing can be traced back to early English society. During the earlier years, England had no regular police force. People living in villages had to scatter throughout the countryside and were responsible for giving aid to neighbors and protect the settlement from thieves and marauders. The pledge system these villagers used were called tithing’s. Tithing’s were people grouped together into ten families and were responsible for policing their own minor problems such as disturbances, fires, and other threats. When their was trouble, the leader of the tithing’s, the “tithingmen” is expected to make a hue and cry to assemble his helpers and warn the village. Ten tithings were grouped together into hundreds, which are supervised by a hundredman; who at that time was considered the first real police officer. He dealt with the more serious situations of the law. Once the hundreds were assembled they were then grouped into shires, a shire reeve who is appointed by the Crown or local landowner controlled them. The shire reeve would soon begin to pursue and apprehend law violators as part of his duties. In the thirteenth century, the watch system was established to help protect property in large cities and towns of England. They were responsible to patrol at night and help protect against robberies, fires, and disturbances. For the next six hundred years the system of the “watchmen” and the justice of peace helped delineate the relationship between police…

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