The History Of African Americans Essay

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The history of African Americans has always been limited in many school systems creating an ignorance to many people on the construction of this race. To truly understand why a race of people do things you need to know their history and where they came from. The African American Experience is often considered one of the most interesting pieces in history. Africa, the world’s oldest populated area and also considered the beginning of humanity was comprised up to 10,000 different states and groups with distinct languages and religions.The country of Egypt was a huge contributor to the development of Africa and other world civilizations and was the land of mathematics and problem solving. Egypt ,ruled by Pharaohs, dominated lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and also can up with their own system of writing called hieroglyphs
(Rosa pg.1). Early Greek Historians had nothing but good things to mention about egypt as they would traveled to egypt to examine their way of life and their understanding on astronomy, which is one of the oldest sciences studies in the world. The western countries Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were successful and well-organized states fused with the universal beliefs of Islam. Also the strength of these West African empires started and created a successful gold trade. So due to the intelligence and wealthness that this group of people have generated what was their downfall? How did the kings and queens of these rich countries become no more? The African…

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