Essay on The Higher Power Of God

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I. In this paper, I will be arguing for the following claim that we, human beings are not predetermined beings, but rather we have free will. It has long been argued that people are not free and do not have free will; that rather than having free will we live in a world that is predetermined. That our choices and actions are reflections of and happen because of a long line of other choices and action that caused the present, and thus we have a fixed future. This is just not the case. We, human beings, in the universe, all feel as though we are making decisions and using our free will each day. We are not forced to do things, we will them to be done. The higher power of God derives in us free will. Determinism is ultimately a great academic theory that is fun to talk about, but when we actually begin to try and live the idea, many of the very ideas of society, punishment, moral responsibility, evil doings, just do not stand up as we are fully free to make the decisions we do each and every day.
II. I think that some of the best specific arguments for my position are first, it just seems that we have free will. When faced with a choice it feels as though we are making the choice, and are not forced a certain choice. Say for example you are a student and it is time to register for classes for the next semester. Your advisor has assisted in narrowing your class choices down so you only have English, philosophy, Communication, or Math from which to…

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