Essay on The Hero With A Thousand Faces

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Joseph Campbell’s, “The Hero With a Thousand Faces”, outlines the fundamental components of all hero stories. With his mono myth, departure, initiation and return, Campbell is able to demonstrate the repetitive cycles that occur in any major hero story. He lays out the journey every hero must endure in order to fully develop into the hero they’re destined to be. One of the most contemporary myths that alludes to the mono myth is the 1999 film, The Matrix. Here, Thomas Anderson or Neo, the protagonist, is separated from the reality he’s always known and awakens to the truth of human existence. Through Campbell’s mono myth it becomes evident just how much they intertwine. In the commencement of a hero’s quest, Campbell states the hero is introduced in his ordinary world where he/she is presented with a call to adventure. Here, the hero faces a problem or challenge in which he/she might be reluctant to take on due to fear of the unknown. If the destined hero refuses the call he/she will receive supernatural aid. The hero then passes the first threshold and departs from his known world. In The Matrix, the story begins with Neo receiving his call to adventure. He is at his work office when he receives a package with a cellphone that immediately rings when he opens it. Neo notices it is Morpheus, the man he has been looking for for a few years. Morpheus gives Neo a warning that Agents are looking for him and tells him to follow the white rabbit. This is the start of Neo’s…

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