The Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay

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Everybody is mad in some way and each person has a method to their madness that helps them succeed. Aristotle said, “There is no great genius without some touch of madness”. Throughout many works of literature madness can be seen in many characters and is used as a catalyst to help move the plot along. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad explores the journey of Marlow, a steamboat captain, journey into the heart of Africa, and the changing of his objective to meeting Kurtz when almost everyone glorifies him. Madness is commonly seen throughout Kurtz’s life in the Congo, and clearly alters his behavior. Some people judge Kurtz’s irrational behavior as reasonable and rational because there is actually a method to his madness. Madness plays a significant role in Heart of Darkness as it affects the story in many different ways, and transforms Kurtz’s behavior to be more radical.
Heart of Darkness consists of many different reactions and behaviors to the madness that grips Kurtz. When it becomes clear the Kurtz’s madness is causing him to be successful, the nephew and the uncle want to “Clear [Kurtz] out of the country and [not] bother sending more [people] of that sort” (Conrad 33). Kurtz has a certain method to his madness that ends up being successful. The nephew and uncle don’t understand how Kurtz’s madness leads him to success and are jealous of his success. This leads to the Station manager and his uncle wanting to get rid of Kurtz to reduce the amount of competition and…

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