Essay on The Health Issues Of Obesity

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The Health Issues
What is obesity? What are the causes? What are the risks? How does it affect middle and late childhood? Those are questions that need to be taken into consideration and taken seriously. Obesity, has been an issues in the United States for a while now, and nothing had change. It affects many lives and that includes children and adults.
What is obesity? Obesity is defined as abnormal or excessive amount of fat throughout the body. Note in mind, that obesity and overweight are two different things; even though they have the same definition, but obesity and overweight have different Body Mass Index (BMI). Obesity have a BMI of 95 percentile and higher and overweight have a BMI of 85 percentile to 95 percentile.
Obesity is a major public health issue in America and especially in children. According to the article “Child Obesity” by Obesity Prevention Source, children in middle and late childhood are more likely to be obese and are more likely to to be exposed to risks. For examples, obesity can affect the heart, lungs, bones, muscles, kidney, digestive systems and the hormones that regulate the blood sugar and puberty. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obese children from 6 to 11 years of age in the United states has increased 11 percent from 1980 to 2012. This statistic shows the increase in children that are obese. In the course of thirty-two years the percentage has increased by 11 percent.
Influences on the Health Issues There…

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