The Health Care Delivery System Essay example

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This book discusses the complexities of the health care delivery system in the United States and the current evolving reform. The preface begins with a brief introduction on how the United States Government has passed an Affordable Care Act (ACA) and a somewhat shady “Health Care Reform Bill.” The ACA is not favored by most of the American people, but the Obama Administration is pushing for the bill to pass so it can ensure their political dominance. Apart from the political aspect of this bill, it is inevitable that some major reform is underway. Many concerns remain, which have been addressed long before these bills. Some of these issues include dealing with chronic conditions, ensuring adequate staffing, and financing long term care and technology. It is essential to keep all these concerns in mind when considering our national debt. This book mainly focuses on health care in the United States, but also discusses how it compares to that of other countries. Furthermore, it addresses humanitarian efforts which directly correlate to public health; i.e., unnatural disasters, terrorism and deadly viruses.
The main objective of the first chapter is to provide the reader with a solid foundation of knowledge surrounding Healthcare and its main elements. Our healthcare system differs from other developed countries– in fact, it is hardly even a system. Our country delivers care in different ways – private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. Some people do not even have health care.…

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