The Haitian Revolution Essay

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A revolution is defined as: “the violent and abrupt overthrow of a sociopolitical regime that leads to change in the fundamental political and social institutions of a society.” At first glance, the Haitian Revolution appears to meet that criteria. The revolt lasted for thirteen brutal years, from 1791-1804, and it resulted in 62,000 dead Frenchmen and over 100,000 Haitians deaths. In the end, the Haitians reigned victorious and gained their independence. The sheer length, number of casualties, and overthrow of the French colonial government certainly satisfy the first requirement. The next requirement, fundamental change in the political institution was also attained. After Haiti attained independence, the Haitians assumed control of their own government, set up an empire with Jean-Jacques Dessalines as their emperor, and secured equal rights, trials, and punishments for blacks. The third prerequisite - fundamental change in social institutions - was achieved too, through the abolishment of slavery, improved life expectancy, reimbursement for forced labor, and freedom of religion. The independence of Haiti required the violent overthrow of the French sociopolitical regime and produced revolutionary changes in the political and social institutions of the Haitians under Dessalines.
Political institutions changed drastically after independence of French rule through Haitian control of their government, the right to a fair trial, and the right to equal punishment. The most…

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