Franz Joseph Illusions: A Short Story

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When you were heading home you spot a new shop called: Franz Joseph Illusions.

It has a white outline square that’s five feet long and wide, and in front of the automatic sliding doors.

But in the center of a square says 'No parking '.

You know magic isn 't real, but you walked in any way. You see nothing but magic stuff, but something caught your eye. It 's a Guillotine; you walk toward it until you stand in front of it.

"Who in the right mind selling this?" you complained. Suddenly, an old man comes to you by saying. "May I help you?" you turn to him. "Yes, can you recall this? Because it might kill somebody." you warned, pointing at the Guillotine.

"Well, this one is a magic Guillotine. It was build centuries ago, and it’s completely harmless." explained the old man. You took a look at it again. "What does it do? But I know it could cuts off the heads." you questioned. "But it won 't just cut heads off, but it can cut any part unharmed." he answered. So you got confused.

"So... It won 't spread any blood out?" you ask, confused. "Nope, it doesn’t." Now you want to buy it, he said it cost 600,000 Pokedollars (Means 6,000 dollars). You bought it.

"Thanks. I guess?" you said. "One moment please." An old man went to the storage room.

For the Boxes
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It 's in the neighborhood. Then you got off Unfezant. "Thanks Unfezant. Return!" you said as it sends Unfezant to his Pokeball. After you place it to your Pokeball belt. You then typed in the code and press confirm, as the garage opens. Once it opens, you took out the case that the old man gave you. Open it, then take a capsule out, then press it and toss it on the driveway. Luckily, it’s flat. It then pops up with white smoke, revealing the storage. After you bring them to the garage, you open the big one, but it 's sided. After you finish placing a Guillotine, a Shrink/Growth Ray, and a Duel X-ray machine. You wonder who you

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